The Pseudonym: A Catch-22

A more personal post today. I am so excited to be blogging and to have a small number of readers. However, there is a nagging problem. Because I am writing strictly anonymously, it is quite difficult to get my writing out into the world and grow my readership.

This has led me to question whether anononymity is necessary, and my gut feeling is that for me, right now, it is. I want the writing to stand for itself to be praised or critiqued based on the merit of the work alone. My pen name frees me from irrelevant censure based on my credentials and persona.

Having watched public figures and friends alike be ripped apart for holding unpopular opinions, I find comfort in knowing that that this attack must be confined strictly to the online domain.

Writing about feminist issues is still vulnerable for me. Calling out the patriarchy is not for the faint of heart, as many of the issues impacting womyn’s lives are literally life or death. I could no longer stay quiet, and anononymity allows me to speak as bodly as I wish.

I see the way strong, vocal womyn are torn down. They are branded as angry, delusional, ditsy, hypocritical, underqualified, bossy, shrill, and hormonal. They are wrongly labeled “bra-burners” and “man-haters.” Is it it cowardly of me to want to protect my image as a joyful and content womyn within my circle of friends and colleagues? Am I falling into the trap of likeability, caring more about being liked than my own authentic truth? How can strong womyn fight these stereotypes? This is something I will have to continue to wrestle with.

If you have liked my content, please share my blog and posts and encourage others to subsribe, as for now I will remain in the shadows.


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